Valuing Chalk landscape and geodiversity in the East of England


Special Projects Landscapes, Winter fields at Heydon. Photo  Geo-East
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Welcome to Chalk East

Chalk East is a Geo-East partnership project. It is raising awareness of the importance of Chalk geodiversity to the landscape and economy of the East of England region, including its links with wildlife. We gratefully acknowledge the support of Natural England.

The Chalk is a limestone deposited on the sea floor during the Cretaceous period, over 65 million years ago.

         The Chalk provides most of the Regions' water supply

         It has been quarried and tunnelled for centuries to produce lime for building and farming

         Chalk grassland and chalk streams have a special, rich biodiversity

         The Chalk landscape has been home to human settlement and farming since Neolithic times

         Chalk landscape has a special range of landform features such as dry valleys and disappearing streams

         Chalk fossils tell the story of life in the Cretaceous seas over 65 million years ago

         Chalk is part of our folk art through turf-cut figures and chalk carvings

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Upper Chalk escarpment at Haydon Cambridgeshire  Photo  Geo-East
The Chalk landscape seen from the Upper Chalk escarpment at Heydon, Cambs.
Heydon Ditch earthwork is thought to date from the Saxon period. Fowlmere Fen
is fed by chalk springs at the Melbourn Rock horizon of the Middle Chalk.
Barrington Chalk Pit is excavated in the Lower Chalk ridge.
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