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Welcome to Geo-East

Geodiversity in the East of England

The East of England has a fascinating and valuable Earth heritage.
‘Geodiversity’ describes our heritage of rocks, soils, landforms and their formative processes which make up the landscape. 
The region’s geodiversity ranges from the chalk hills of Bedfordshire to the sandy, coastal 'crags' of Suffolk; from the wind-swept beaches of Norfolk to the Fenland soils of Cambridgeshire; from Hertfordshire's chalk streams to the tidal marshes of Essex.
Geo-East is a partnership of organisations active in conserving and promoting Earth heritage in the six counties of the region. 
Use this website to find out more.


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Places to visit. Photo © Geo-East Chalk east. Photo © Geo-East Benacre Cliff. Photo © Geo-East
What to see and where to go Discover our chalk landscape Our unique geodiversity
What's On Photo Gallery About Geo-East
Calender Needham boulder. Photo © Geo-East Geo-East Logo. Photo © Geo-East
Geo-events in the region Show your favourite pictures Introducing the Partnership


Hunstanton Cliffs, Norfolk. Photo © Val Vannett
Hunstanton Cliffs, Norfolk. Photo © Val Vannett

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